Had an affair with a Bi chick once, only lasted a couple of days(she turned out to be more gay I think).She refused to even touch my ****, so sex was out of the question, I was allowed to go down on her and very little else, but I was impatient and I don't think she ever had an ****** while I was down there.

One night she turned herself over and told me to play with her *** for a while.Of coarse I took it the wrong way and went straight for her *******, but she didn't seem to mind.It was the first time a girl let me go "there", something I had fantasized about for years!( A guy rimmed me once, but that's another story.) What I remember the best is the smell, all sweaty, and my heart thumping in my chest.There was no real taste but I got a real close look, I was amazed at little marks and hair and one or two zits, I was so close.I fingered her a little but she wouldn't let me put my finger in.If I could do it over I wold have licked her whole asscrack before ******* that little hole.
Glowfly Glowfly
31-35, M
Aug 4, 2010