My Ode To Glenn Beck


Glenn Beck, converse wearing champion

Of his people who he sees sold out

To greed, bankers, power, whoever

Through a sea of propaganda he shouts


Against big government regulation

And for Joe public, the little guy

Who helped build such a great nation

To fight injustice, he must try


Like me, he sees through the sham

Of those who take all the power

Amazed he has such a platform

repeating quotes from Martin Luthor


to try and wake his people up

To the sham that does prevail

Top heavy, expensive government

Soon your country will be like a jail


And the only jobs available

Will be from capital hill

And if you don’t play by their rules

Will be left to rot in hell


But propaganda on TV

Will be the same as ever before

As the job market goes underground

As illegal drugs: For sure


You see so much regulation

Will strangle small business to death

Either that or break the law

The choice is yours; good health


And raising your kids properly

Or loose your house again

Go work for the government

Or suffer much more pain


Not a good choice for a people

Founded on hard work, and

Freedoms of every type

A nation full of fools?


I don’t believe that so

American friends I have

But they don’t know any different

Blinded by propaganda


Beautiful smiles, beautiful faces

Your people deserve much more

Than to be hated all around the world

You see it, you know the score


But more than that, robbed blind

Of everything they have; big sigh

No bill of rights left to protect

Your good people, the little guy


Glad your fighting their war

Most just do not see

Keep up the good work friend

And please remember me, you see


I have a plan to save suffering

Please read my other verse

Humanity needs to reign again

Not greed, on this, our earth

41-45, M
2 Responses May 16, 2010

beck is amazing. people will get it only in years to come. when history will ask-how could they not see - why didnt they do something? then they will speak of him. hopefully there will be many other names as well. sigh

I like it, good post!