I went to an adult bookstore yesterday, I think EP is giving me courage, HaHa. I paid my ten dollars and went to the first open booth I found. All of a sudden the door which I locked was trying to be opened. Then again then again. Someone really wanted to get in. Now not being very familiar with these places I opened the door and tried another. This one had a glory hole. I see a few sets of eyes looking at me so I undo my pants revealing my black satin thong and I hear someone say very nice. Then I hear a tap on the hole and I guess he wants me to put my junk in the hole as I look down to see a waiting mouth. LOL.. I got so scared and chickened out and ran as fast as I could to the exit... It was thrill to expose my undies though so all in all worth the ten dollars.
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It's thrilling to put your through the hole and feel their tongue start to caress the head then their warm/hot breath on the glans of your ****. You can't hold back then and you push the rest of your **** through and into their mouth and throat.

I've never been to a glory hole but I too chickened out the first couple of times when approached but finally got the nerve to do it and then I never stopped

Just go in there and realize you will be the desire of most of those men.

Lol I wanted to do that too but chickened out before I got thete

LOL. You can do it!! Sounds like you had fun!!

yes I have had glory hole sex a few times I've been sucked a few times sucked more, but the best is being fuckedbring rubbers and lube. Bend over and stick your hole up to the g/h and it's not knowing what kinda **** is gonna pop out. be careful and have fun.

great story

o honey next will be better take it all you will feel all femme feeling deep in you read my story
enjoy your life sweety

I hope to get the courage up also. I would have liked it if a **** was shoved thru the glory hole for me to suck. Maybe next weekend

Be careful sweetie, once you start sucking **** you will find it is so very addictive and will just want more and more of it. You might become a *********** **** like me :) :) It is SO worth it !!

i love the sight of a **** in panties, it gets me rock hard and all i can think of is wrapping my lips around that **** and sucking it like a naughty **** mmmmm

Not sure I could have done it either!

You can show me your panties for free sweetie.... i'd love to see them.