Glory Hole

Hi Friends

I realy like the gloryhole thing. One time i was cruzing the booths and i came accross a 12" black one . wow didnt think they could get that big . so i sucked on it for a while . but then he wanted too put it in me . ha ha dont think it will go but i tryed .. put a condom on it and lubed up and tryed too push it in me wow did it hurt i got it in about 4" and coulded take anymore so i turned back around and started sucking again, oh he came in like a minute 30 seconds . wow made my day ..

stonesteve60yah stonesteve60yah
4 Responses Jul 27, 2009

Are there any GH in Albuquerque NM ? My wife needs to suck some **** she deserves it.

Ronald40, I think that was me!! <br />
<br />
Just kidding. I've never been to Oregon. Gloryholes can be fun though. Maybe I'll see your **** sometime! <br />
<br />

I have never found one

sounds fun. i would like to try it but don't know where to find a glory hole near me in central jersey>>>