Who Needs Shoes?

shoes are totally overrated. i was born and raised in southern california. when i was a little kid, i was always barefoot when playing in the house. so if my mom needed to run to the store, she didnt bother having me put shoes on. naturally, as i grew up, my fondness for being barefoot grew with me. it started by kicking off my shoes here and there in high school. forgetting them when going over friends houses. when i got to college, i thought i had shoes in my car one day when i left the house barefoot and ended up spending the whole day in all my classes in my bare feet. its kind of escalated since then. i'll go to just about any store or fast food place barefoot. and my favorite place to wander around in my bare feet is disneyland. my feet get pretty damn dirty, but i dont mind.
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8 Responses Sep 16, 2010

My boys and I are avid hikers, and we always go barefoot.

Great story, when I was a little kid I didn't wear shoes much. The older I got, as a child, everyone wore shoes and when I didn't wear shoes I would all ways catch hell for something. I wore shoes consistently for about 30 years. Now I'm 44 and last year i developed some bad foot pain. This got me to look for solutions and going barefoot was the answer. needless to say i am barefoot as often as I can. I am making up for lost ime. Do you still live in Ca.? I do and want to leave. I don't see many people going barefoot. I think it would be cool to live someplace being barefoot is the norm.

But they make women run, and little kids cry! lmao

well that sucks Sunshine.....(love that name).....what could be more natural than being bare foot!<br />
I don't do much of it myself, but that is because I have very ugly feet.

Where was this? I don't know where that stupid cop got the idea that you had to put shoes on in that neighborhood because it's not illegal to go barefoot in public. EIther that cop had a crappy attitude or he has no clue going barefoot in public is not illegal. Earlier this year, I was buying lunch at Subways and I was barefoot when a female cop came in to buy some lunch. SHe looked at me barefoot but didn't say anything. You should've told that cop to read up on the law next time.

A great person starts with a great mom. I hope I'm being one. I'm homeschooling my two boys so I can have them go barefoot everywhere like my dad always did when he was growing up. My dad got to go barefoot to school every day, and I think it's total crap that kids today can't. I'm disguated by "progressives" telling me how supposedly bad it was that a boy like my dad had to walk two mines to get to school each morning, and what "progress" it is that his grandsons today would be spending two whole hours each morning holding up traffic on a noisy bus just to go to a school that would make them wear shoes. In my dad's time only girls were ever expected to wear shoes (which is probably why so many girls decided to be tomboys).<br />
Anyway, now that my dad's retired, you'll never catch him wearing any shoes.

Great story!!! I love goin places barefoot and shirtless; nothin like walkin into McDonalds or Taco Bell barefoot and shirtless. Long live summer!!!! :-)

About 15 years ago I was in West L.A. and SF. I was amazed that so few people went barefoot around Venice Beach, stores, etc. I had no problems going barefoot in the Century City Mall and another near West L.A. Even on Fishermans Wharf in SF so few barefooters, Haight-Ashbury included :-(