Barefoot At A Party

This last year there I was off for the 4th of july. I met the rest of our family at a local park and was barefoot most of the day. That evening we went to see fireworks and I decided to wear flip flops due to the abundace of broken glass. I only wore flip flops for an hour and a half but had a great time that day.
This past Halloween I went as a hillbilly hunter. That ment I only had to wear overalls and a Tshirt. Barefoot the entire time at the party. A couple other women partygoers went barefoot too. I didn't bring shoes and they did. It was a good time. My nephewwas a little confused about my lack of shoes. He asked me if I lived ther. We were at my girlfriends bothers house. That was kind of funny.
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Any excuse not to wear shoes is a good one...............I'm going to a Halloween party this year................wonder if I'll see any barefootin'...................

Oh how i wish that I could go barefoot outside. My soles are too danged soft and sensitive. I cannot even walk on grass as it tickles too much!

You just have to toughen them up and you can. You have to go through a discomfort stage. When you get past that, your good to go

Actually, I kind of like being ticklish. Every so often I am fortunate to be tied up and tickle tortured and i love the sensations! :-)

Give it time, practice makes perfect.

You're not alone! I was barefoot for the entire duration of a 4th of July party and a summer work party. Also, while I wasn't barefoot, I was the ONLY one wearing flip flops at an after work get-together last spring. The only ribbing I got was from a cute girl I work with and she was only teasing!

Thanks, It is sure nice to find others that feel the same way.

Great story, I do these things too. Its good to know there are more barefooters out in the world!