The Importance Of Having No Shoes Available While Being Barefoot

When I started to walk barefoot in public more than twenty years ago, I usually had shoes in my backpack. Barefoot specialists still recommend beginners to do this. I think it's wrong. If you always cling to the life ring, you'll never learn to swim. If shoes are available anytime and anywhere, you'll never go barefoot liberated and with pleasure. To achieve this, you must feel: there are no shoes, neither on my feet nor in my backpack. So I have to go barefoot, whatever happens, even if my feet come in touch with very rough and dirty surfaces, regardless of the situation or the people I meet, even if I am suddenly ashamed of being barefoot in the public. Do not worry! Perhaps this is terrible at first, but then it's wonderful! If you endure the first strangeness of walking barefoot, you never want to stop again. You long to go barefoot all year round, without any exception. You're gonna be sure that you're able to go barefoot always and everywhere, and you're right. If you  go barefoot constantly and toughen your soles, they will enjoy every surface, even rough gravel and hot asphalt. If you're proud of your healthy, bare feet and if you develop self-confidence, you'll enjoy going barefoot in every situation, even while shopping, visiting the doctor, in court, in a museum or in churches. I enjoy this for more than twenty years now and look forward to more new places and situations to go barefoot. So, you see how important it is to have no shoes available while being barefoot.
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I like to go (live) BAREFOOT, anywhere and anytime I want to feel good, free and happy ... in direct contact with the Earth ... with Mother Nature. The shoes (torture instruments, coffins) are not for me !

You've said it all. I'm also a devoted barefooter, and now work at home, so never need shoes. It's remarkably satisfying to leave the house without taking shoes or a shirt, and spending the whole day knowing you couldn't wear them if you wanted to.

I walk barefoot as much as I can but my employer demands shoes. I am looking for a thin soled pair for work otherwise i have only been barefoot or in flip flops since the snow melted. Stores in our area require shirt and shoes. I do manage the gas station video store and variety stores barefoot. I also do short walks (a mile or so) barefoot through ice and snow everyday in the winter.

Have you considered barefoot sandals? There is a variety available online. They leave the soles bare so you don't miss any sensations, but usually fool the shoe police.

podophile is correct. I have seen some online

I agree that it's important, however consider that you have been doing it since 5 years old.<br />
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As an adult with over 30 years of 100% shoe wearing, suddenly going barefoot is forcing me to relearn how to do just about everything. I went on a jog today. The entire lower leg needs to be rebuilt, not just the foot pad. I'm also no going to shun "shodder" activities like group backpacking, mountain biking, skiing etc. just to shun footwear. I'll try hiking without a crutch on my own time for a while.<br />
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My advice to the adult newbie is to be confident in all social and public situations but pace yourself in sports activities.

I'm totally agree with you. I started to walk barefoot when I was 10 years old-a little child really- and since then I have been walking barefoot during all my Life, with occasional exceptions when I was a teenager owing to my shiness. But after I recclaimed my identity and personality, later I understood it war more important walking barefoot than to satisfy always the others, with respect for people, of c ourse. Well, I remember that in the beginning I used to bring my footwear always with me just in case I needed to be in some 'comitteed situation', but itsn't he same walking barefoot with shoes in my back and without nothing. I understood that it's very important not bring anything with me when I am walking barefoot as well. Because you have no choice or no possibility: Barefoot.....or barefoot. I think it's the best study of it and the best career for walking barefoot. Then, ever since I usually get out to street barefoot, but without any footwear in my backpack. Regards and also it's my recommendation for the others.

Hey, you must be really used to it if you started at 10, thats good, & your feet must be quite tough! I was never used to going barefoot when I was at school, tbh, Im still not! Its only a summer thing for me & only on the right surfaces; not rough concrete or stoney ground! Smooth tarmac when its warm, warm wood, & short neat grass all in the summer! :)