The No Shoe Zone

Until a few days ago, I ran a home office of an expanding and contracting nature. We grew and shrank and grew again, similar to the girth of a middle aged woman I guess. On Monday we moved to a regular-ish space. This office has been active for four years almost and in that time I have insisted that it be a barefoot space. A no shoe zone. This has had a strange effect on my staff. It certainly was a contributing factor to ensuring a relaxed family style environment. Remove the shoes and effectively remove the social barrier of formality. It even works with clients. I'm sure it is not the only reason we largely operate as a family but it certainly is a contributing factor. Enter the house, shed your external persona along with your external foot ware and take part

Ok I'm just a tad over dramatizing, but think about, take off your shoes in a completely unusual environment and suddenly you expose a part of yourself. Once you've done that, you are almost forced to loosen the social constraints of a workplace. Of course there is an argument that those constraints are required in workplaces for professionalism and that you need those barriers to ensure distance, and maybe that is true. But I still like the barefoot approach.
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i went too the office barefooted on Saturday. walked all around and worked 2 hours barefooted

I had to work on Saturday and since I came in with shorts on and most of my co-workers were on the other side of the office, it gave me the opportunity to take both my shoes and socks off in my cubicle. It felt nice doing my job in my barefeet, even if it was for only a few hours.

i m sure, it s the most wonderful office on earth, would be great to work there ...

I had to stay late at work today because my boss had someone come to shampoo clean our office carpet floors and I had to make sure someone was there for when the guy finished. As soon as the majority of everyone left, even the bosses, it gave me the opportunity to be barefoot at work. As soon as the guy finished cleaning our main floor, I walked around the office floor in my barefeet to see if how the cleaner did. It felt great walking around my job tonight barefoot.

What an interesting idea, I like it.

I wish I was self employed. I work for a large oil company and that would never fly here, or at least in my area. I have seen payroll people barefoot behind closed doors though. Just the same if you are the boss than you can make your own rules. That is cool and I like your barefoot office rule, cool!

leave post haste!
Become a clown doctor. The only shoes they wear are roller blades.

They still wear shoes, bummer.

Sounds like my kind of job. If I can find a job where I can walk around with no shoes and socks, I would be really happy and probably stress free. The only thing I can do at my current job is just take my shoes off when I sit at my cubicle. It's better than nothing but walking around barefoot while earning money sounds way better.

Well it used to be all the time. My whole teen age years were spent cruising the city sans footwear. But now it's more a 60 / 40 split favoring the no shoe zone.

Are you a regular barefooter? or only at the office.