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I Am An Alien...i Think...

Our country is currently in the grip of winter,and its very cold and wet...because it rains almost everyday in the winter where we live,and the mountains are covted with snow,and everybody goes around wearing warm clothes...and shoes...Yet I go around,dressed warmly...but barefoot...I love being barefoot in the winter...lok,going about barefoot in winter has this added advantage...I realised it again this weekend,The wife and I went to buy her a microwave oven,and it was pouring with rain and it was bitterly cold...and at the mall,my poor wife had to by pass all the puddles,as well as all the others at the mall,except the occasional barefooters...I noticed one other barefoot person(adullt),beside myself at the mall,and I could trudge just right on through the puddles of ankle deep water while everybody had to walk around it.The horror and envy at the same time from the shoesers are a treat!Oh there was/were the occasional barefoot kid/s as well,and its amazing,once they see an adul barefoot,there is an invisible comoradery and pride that you notice,almost a boasting pride..."Look,we are barefoot rangers,these others are sissies..."and the secret smiles....Barefoot in the winter becomes a secret bond of brotherhood between those "tuff enuff" to face winter barefoot....and when one sees other barefoot adults,you kinda knodd in almost become a fratirnity of barefooters...Give me barefeet any time....
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M Jul 22, 2012

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