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But It Is Best!

They did research in kids(a certain number of kids that went barefoot to school over a period of time,in comparrison with the same number of kids that went to school wearing shoes over the same time period)farred 40% better in their school work than those wearing shoes,and increased their marks with between 30-50%.Their concentration was approx.40% better,and it substantially increased their artistic skills with more than 30%,and abbscenteism was 60-70% less!Their concentration improved remarkably.....and I have found,being barefoot,MOSTLY OUTDOORS,increased my own resistance,and even if I had a cold,and remained barefoot,my recovery period was faster than those wearing shoes.
I had a severe flu attack,the same my wife had,and she still has it five weeks later,and she wears shoes...Mine only lasted 3 weeks,because I remained barefoot all the time,and we have tile floors,and it rained/s here in the winter.I am still barefoot,and feel wonderfull.Barefoot is realy best!No matter from which angle,barefoot is best.I have a friend that is an insuluin dependent diabetic,and unlike the medical people warning diabetics not to walk barefoot,as it affects the blood supply to the feet,and is detrimental to diabetics...he NEVER WEARS SHOES....SUMMER OR WINTER,SNOW OR RAIN OR SUNSHINE,he is always barefoot,and he has no problem with his feet..He has perfect sensation in his roughned and callust feet.Looking at kids that walk barefoot,there feet are healthy strong and beautifully normal,and mentally,more healthy and happier than shoesers.They seem normal,and content. .....bare feet are best!!!
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M Jul 22, 2012

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