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Noticed And Disapproved

Three weeks ago,the wife and I went to a local restaurant,and we had just come from church,and I was barefoot as usual.So we went to this restaurant,me barefoot,my wife very posh.The waiters and some of the patrons were very surprised at me and my bare feet.But I ignored them.We went to the same place yesterday,and ths time,for some or other reason,I had shoes on.The same waiter served us,and as I stood up to go and get some food,he looked is shock at my shod feet.I jokingly later confronted him about his reaction to my shoes.He blushed bright red,and then just remarked,that he remembered me being barefoot the previous time,and that my shoes were very smart in deed....and he said that one of these days,it will be summer,and then I can come barefoot as much as I wanted,and headmitted....he was surprised to see me with shoes on,and expected me to be was a bit of a shock to him.Yesterday was one of the few times I wore shoes to church,but when we attended the evening service,I was barefoot again...the one pastor remarked that it was so cold,he had hoped that I would wear shoes.....but then again...being barefoot,and thats how they know me....cheege!
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M 1 Response Aug 6, 2012

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I love being barefoot however our stores, malls and restaurants all demand shirts and shoes or no service