New Zealand Barefoot!

 I love being barefoot. On a recent trip to New Zealand I was excited to find out that you can go anywhere in New Zealand barefoot. I saw someone use a public restroom barefoot, go into a restaurant, gas station you name it. It was awesome! 

I hate wearing shoes. If I have to I put on sandals. It's like walking around topless.

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7 Responses Aug 15, 2008

Even a New Zealand winter can be done in bare feet, if they are tough enough. I spent last winter in bare feet, on crutches and shirtless for most of the time. Now it is summer, i still need the crutches and I am barefoot and shirtless 24/7.

Would love to go to NZ and not wear shoes at any time, though presume it's more practical in summer.

Winter can be a bit tough in bare feet but it is still possible to be barefoot year round, I even managed 90% of the winter shirtless as well.

I gotta move to NZ!! I love goin everywhere barefoot and shirtless! Feels great and so comfy, too. :-)

Is there anywhere you wouldn't go barefoot and shirtless?

YAH i live in NZ and hardly ever where shoes. Only for school tramping and if ground has to many prickes i where jandles

Wow Really - that's fantastic... I would love to live somewhere were barefoot was tolerated!!!

gingerbear you definitely need to wash your feet each night when you walk around each day barefoot. Luckily I spent a week surfing so I was either on sand or in the water. All I had to do was make sure all the sand was washed off my feet.

I have been living in NZ for a couple of years after moving from BC Canada and it is true no shoes are needed in NZ, no shirt if you are male too. Walking in public toilet is a bit ugly and then at night you either get into bed with filthy feet or you wash them. My ex liked to get into bed with her feet filthy, I tried to get her to wash them first but if I forgot she would hop right in with half the dirt from the district caked on her feet.