To The Dollar Store

I was on my way to my cousin house in Jacksonville. I stopped at a gas station first. I was about to go in barefoot but drove away instead. Then I stopped at a dollar store. After fooling around on my phone I just went ahead and went in. It wasn't a lot of people there and I don't think anyone paid attention. I stood in line and one of the store clerks came up to me and said I'm not supposed to come in barefoot. Telling me it has something to do with OSHA when in fact it doesn't. If he did his research he would've found out that it not illegal or against any health codes for customers to come in barefoot. But stores can refuse service to barefoot customers. Customers are really not required to wear shoes inside. But I didn't argue. I made my purchase and left. I took a chance thinking no one would care.
kevinsjr kevinsjr
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2013

Sometimes they dont care

The best thing to do is to find those places that are barefoot friendly and if you find a store that isn't friendly to barefooters, then you should take your business somewhere else.