It Just Feels Natural

Sending 12 + years in the desert I missed it so much.There was no way you could go barefoot even in the house because of these seed burrs called goatheads, They hid in the carpet and stuck any open skin.The first walk I took I sad down in what looked like just sand and my rump and both hands were filled with them.

 I had grown up in Western New York and was barefoot except for school and shopping. Even as an adult raising a family in Angola no shoes outside work and church.When I got back here after all those years wearing slippers in the house my feet were so happy to feel real grass again,and cement and carpet and hard wood floors.

34Einnor 34Einnor
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

i hate shoes and socks...i wanna feel every blade of grass, every grain of long as there are burrs and small rocks around, i'll keep my flip flops on lol