Hell I Dont Ever Own One Anymore

i threw the damn things out and now thats its finally summer I anint going be wearing any bras anymore and if ai am reaaly luck no shirts either but on estep at a time
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I'm in high school, and I go braless every now and then. Way more comfy! But I have to make sure I'm in a thick tee, lol don't want to be embarrassed by any teachers..

Good for you, I have been braless for years and occasionally topless too. It will take a little confidence to go topless but if the guys can go without a shirt, why cant we join them whenever appropriate

well then you have something you need to show me. kindly add this perv to your circle.

Go girl!

I don't own any either, I got rid of them 10 years ago.

Its gonna be the best thing you have ever done!<br />
Going braless is awesome!

thansk I hate them and they cost a lot and they dontr even fit wwell anyways