Feels Great

I love going braless, especially when I wear a tight top. My nipples get hard and the top is quite see through.

Answering the door to people or going to the shops guys love to have a look and some of the women.

I love people looking at them and sometimes I might softly rub my breast and the give me a really nice smile and don't move their eyes. I like teasing :) xx
Amy2877 Amy2877
26-30, F
6 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Good for you!

Being somewhat new to going braless, reading comments and experiences is giving me more confidence and not worry about what others think. Thanks.

And I love it when girls go braless. Too bad they didn't burn all the bras back in the 1970's.

My kind of girl!

Wow... what a coincidence! I *adore* women who go braless! I also love women who tease...it's SO fun to see a woman tantalizing me with her sensuality!!

My girlfriend would walk around the house with no bra on. Teasing her nipples 'till they got ROCK HARD yet wouldn't let me touch them. Saying things like you like what you see huh. It was great!!

Very sexy xxx