During the band lunch break my older sister, some of the guys in my section, and traitor (she did play tuba and now plays trombone) all went down to the community pool (ew gross).
Well once we all ate the guys got in the water but see I didn't want to so Cameron and Scott decide that I'm getting in the water :/ so here I am just minding my own business layin in the sun and suddenly my chair is life's and I'm thrown into the water.

But of course me being me won't let Cameron get away with it (can't do anything to Scott cause he was my ride home) so I was swimming and found a dead frog and Cameron's hates germs so I pick up the dead frog and throw it at him. The frog hits him in the back of the neck and slides down his shirt. And he screamed so loud and so high pitched that his voice cracked. Oh and he ran around trying to get his wet shirt off and the frog out all I could do was laugh til I was in tears.

Today's mission was accomplished :)
AngelWithASecret2 AngelWithASecret2
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2014