I Live For This

As a completely helpless music junkie, shows are one of my deeply loved addictions. I used to go to a different show every night. Lately I haven't had the gas money to drive around to them nightly, but I still go as often as possible.

I love tiny little indie shows, something intimate in a cafe or small venue, and huge festivals and large stadium shows. Anything where people can come together to experience live music is a great thing to share. Some of my best memories are exact moments I can recall at certain shows.

I can remember every detail so vividly it is almost as if I am there again. I remember screaming along to Odd Project lyrics with my friend Rachel. Odd Project is a "screamo" band out of Southern California. Only the hardcore fans knew all the words so it was fun to see people's reactions as these two little blond girls sang along with each song flawlessly. They, and many other bands we saw religiously, had little rituals or hand gestures that the regular crowd would do. It was like we were best friends with the strangers around us, because we all united in the music and the memories.

I remember the one moment that defined my whole summer a few years ago. On the Van's Warped Tour, thousands of kids gathered to see different bands throughout the day. But when the Used took the stage, each of them were there bunched together as one mass crowd. The moment I will forever remember when I think of how indie music at the time was growing: The band sang out one popular phrase in one popular song and everyone single person I could see raised their middle finger and shouted along "IT"S FOUR O'CLOCK IN THE F*CKING MORNING!" Nothing deep, but the emotion and the way everyone was in unison was amazing. And I can still see and hear the crowd when I think about it today. I can still feel all the same things I did at that moment.

Warped Tour also holds a dear memory for me with the ever-so-amazing band Emery. It was my first time seeing the band live and everyone was so passionate in singing along. The singer and the keyboardist where dancing around in such style and grace, a way you don't see many bands moving these days. And the keyboardist literally walked out ONTO the audience. How one would normally stage dive, he just walked right out and the crowd supported his feet. It was like Jesus walking on water.

A rather embarrassing confession is the first live show I remember (and maybe one of my earliest clear memories all together) was seeing Michael Bolton from the 3rd row center. My mom and my sister and I loved him. My mom made us matching dresses for the night. I remember the belt perfectly. We got roses and walked up to the stage to give them to him. I was so shy when he came to get them I wanted to walk away but my dad took my hand and put it in Michaels and he held it and sang to me. When we walked back to our seats he gave my mom a "too precious" sort of look. I remember sleeping in a huge Michael Bolton shirt that night on my moms floor with a poster we got of him as well.

I can't believe I just said that...

Anyway, the point is that nothing beats a live show in my books.
MimiCatastrophe MimiCatastrophe
22-25, F
Jul 16, 2007