This Is Why I Love You.

My best friend wrote this after his boyfriend passed away. I think that its one of the most well-written pieces ive ever read. It always make me cry.

Our Place  Friday, February 6, 2009 at 12:14am.

I thought about you today, but thats nothing new. I've talked to everyone but no one seems to really comprehend the depth of what we have. I would say i miss you but for some reason it doesnt seem like you've left. I picture us texting at 3 in the morning or eating at burger king as if we've been starved. Forcing myself to smile while having your face as my minds backdrop is the one thing that keeps me from breaking apart once again. Its torture... fooling myself to think that your just one call away when all facts say i cant see you... i cant hear you... i cant feel you. But i've witnessed the differences between fact and truth. Facts say that i cant have you right next to me, but the truth showed me that you havent left me for one second. When facts are screaming to me that i cant feel you, truth whispers and in my ear and every feeling that we shared comes back and lets me know that facts can lie. Truth brought me to the conclusion that love is staying where it has been for so long... between us. And I count on the fact that if love is what's between us, nothing can separate us. So ill just sit here in my room, with you, no one else... and my mind will go back to the place where the facts lined up with the truth... the place where we decided we needed each other... our place.  

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that was amazing, im literally crying.

*sob*That's beautiful.