Getting Full

All my life I've loved eating until I'm painfully full and then trying to eat a little more. It works, but gradually -- I'm right around 290 pounds these days. I get turned on by that full stomach after eating a pile of food. Think this is crazy? It might work for you, too. How can you know until you try it. --HXTP
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8 Responses May 13, 2012

I love feeling my stuffed belly. I just don't feel full until my belly is stretched to capacity and almost hurts to breathe. I've even eaten just a bit more at that point too so that I can stretch my stomach out to hold more. I am hoping to be 180 by the end of the year...

I'm 12 and I allways eat 6 gallons of icecream before bed since I weigh 350lbs and I can't go to sleep when don't eat enough in the middle of the night.
I'm so lucky!

I love every word of this story of yours dear hxtp :0) I hope you will keep us posted on your fun stuffing adventures!

*on his 10th 5 gallon tub* URRRRP! *pats his blimp belly* That was a great snack! Time for dinner! *waddles and sloshes into the kitchen*

I wish I could eat a whole five-gallon tub of ice cream! I can manage a gallon if it's mostly melted. --HXTP

Mmmmm...5 gallons!

I've done 5 quarts totally melted, but it took a couple of hours.

Gorging is a beautiful thing! :) Someone get my 5 gallon ice cream tub!

It's wonderful!(;

It's bigger than I've ever been before. I love it. My belly is always out in front of me and sagging down over my belt. I have to gage parking spaces so that I can open the door wide enough to get out. --HXTP

It does work, you are so right, hehehe.. :-)<br />
<br />
What's 290 lbs like? It seems so big compared to my 240'ish lbs. hahaha