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Green Leaves

I started drinking green tea a lot more since I met bublina. She made me an addict. =P But it also helps to give me energy, so, thanks malina!!! =D

Green teas with lemon… or mint… or honey… or raspberry… or green chai. Ja, we have that. =/ My sister started drinking green tea because I drank it. So, be both are green tea-ers! =D Oooooh, green tea Kit-Kats, green tea cake, green tea cupcakes, ice-cream and green tea iced tea is really nice too. =]

Not to mention it's good for dieting, or just when one is trying to lose weight.

Too bad there are some really picky people whom only drink herbal tea and if they come visit… well, no tea for them, since we stock up n green tea. =P
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F Apr 15, 2011

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