And Could Really Use Some

Something warm, invigorating, and earthy would really compliment my mood since I'm pushing my way through some tough BS right now. No sugar please, I need to have it real as can be. You can't deny reality, so drink it up and savor the aftertaste. Keep it coming too. There's no stopping me till I'm dead, and there's no sense in slowing down because the future is unavoidable. All that left is to build speed and pray that the momentum is enough to break through.

V8fusion V8fusion
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

My sifu hooked me up with a chinese restaurant that I used to go to and get the real deal. Sold it to me in sandwich baggies. I always thought that someone would catch me with it on the way home and start asking questions! I've looked around my current location and finally found someplace that sells it here, and will be picking some up on my next visit.