I Was A Slave To Greggs!

Thats right, I sold my soul to this company for 3 long years, big mistake really. I got fat, grumpy and spotty. Nuff said!


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9 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Too funny.."I sold my soul to greggs" haha, i cant just imagine the interview..<br />
'Do you accept the terms and conditions, you sell your soul to greggs, were you will be for ever locked in the kitchen of doom to sell and bake scottish pies, bridies, sausage rolls and donuts, to the customers of the greggs"

It's amazing how popular Greggs is. Every city centre seems to have at least three branches.

Better things, lol!

No worries, hope you enjoy!

Caramel doughnuts sound nice. I have to admit I've only had the coffee in there. I'll have to stop and look around a bit more carefully next time I go there. Thanks for the tips.

When I worked there, they did caramel doughnuts, the latest Ive heard they do toffee filled muffins and I know christma has passed but next christmas, get some of their mince pies, they are very yummy indeed.<br />
http://www.greggs.co.uk/<br />
Go to the website and they email you offers, you print them out and take them to your local greggs.

I don't like pastry, cream or chocolate. Are their other cakes nice?

I have to say I do love their veggie pasties n they do mean fresh cream cakes.

I don't go there much but my daughter wanted a sausage roll and she loves them from there. I got myself a cappuccino and was surprised how good it was.