The Original Grimm's Stuff, Not The Disney Crap

I love reading Grimm's fairy tales, but I hate the way Disney had it all cutesied up for their movies. I like the gnarly toenails, the wicked beards and crazy hair, the warts. Not these clean cut baby characters.. They also alter the stories a lot, making them no where near as dark, and happier. Forget you, Disney! Ruin someone else's works. Oh, right, you did that to Shakespeare with The Lion King.

I think Grimm tales should be made into real movies, and kept in their original tone and atmosphere. Maybe Tim Burton could direct it... That'd be good. I get sick of all the bubbles. Where are the trolls?! The witches, the struggle! Someone needs to make a respectable Grimm movie ASAP.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2011

What do you think of the new TV show "Grimm"? I find it really fascinating, and totally brings back the darkness of the tales. I think that is what makes them so great- and so classic!

I enjoy the 'darkness' of Grimms fairytales too.<br />
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Mmmm ... Tim Burton WOULD be an excellent choice.