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I was born in 96', two years after Kurt killed himself. My dad would still listen to Nirvana, he had all their albums. He'd also listen to soundgarden, stone temple pilots, pearl jam..those kinda bands. We're British, so we only really heard the American bands. At about 13, I turned emo. Listening to heavy metal and all that, and then I started listening to Nirvana again. I then discovered other grunge bands like Hole, Bush, Blind Melon, Babes in Toyland...Courtney Love became my idol, and I loved the way she dressed. I copied her style by wearing red lipstick and vintage dresses and dying my hair bleach blonde. No one my age knows who the fcuk she is, so they think im odd haha
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Some great lesser-known Seattle/Portland bands from the 90's to check out: Mudhoney, Melvins, The Posies, Love Battery, Screaming Trees, TAD, Everclear, Sister Psychic, Sky Cries Mary, The Gits, Flop, Mono Men, Gruntruck, and Green Apple Quick Step.

Courtney Love was a great artist at one point but now she is exclusively known for her frequent melt downs and her drug problems. You should see her on YouTube : Pamella aderson roast. The bands you mentioned above are all great . I am sure your friends will discover the eventually.