I thought this was sort of funny. My brother was playing GTA 5 on his Xbox, he was playing as Franklin at the moment, and he was driving in the car. Then he got out of his car and started punching and kicking a random lady's car (it was on a secluded road). The lady got scared and got out of her car, screaming and trying to run away, but there were two (really nice looking) cars behind her and she was stuck. One of the guys who was driving the really nice car ran over her and drove away. She lay on the ground and after a few seconds got up and tried running again. The other guy in the nice looking car clipped her, and he also drove away. She stumbled a little and started running and screaming down the sidewalk. My brother (technically Franklin) chased after her and punched her, so that she lay on the ground (she never got back up). "Uh oh. Got to run. You can't stand around after you do these things," my brother said before he made Franklin climb over a wall. He started running in this field, then he jumped another fence and over a hill you could see a fancy mansion-like building. I think it was a country club. There were people grilling and eating out front. My brother said, "Wait...you didn't invite me to the party?!" Then he ran over to these people and started punching them. Some of them ran away, but a couple of guys stuck around and started punching Franklin. Then my brother took out a machine gun and just started shooting. They ran away, one or two got shot. "Not inviting me to your party...hmph," my brother was saying as he was shooting. It was hilarious and so random. 😄 I love open world games.
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Can you tell me more about this game?

I should start playing mine. Bought it but never opened the package to play. Too busy.

How do you like the game?

Why so random and is everybody ok, now?

It was a video game...

Can you tell me about this game because I am no gamer.

GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. In GTA V you basically can play as these three characters Michael (the rich guy), Trevor (the redneck) and Franklin (the gang member). You have to do these missions, which involve assassinating people, stealing cars, driving helicopters and all that good stuff. Just look it up, there will be more information on the internet.

Do you know that is what we have in a common?

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