Artistry In Steel

Most guns are in reality works of art, mechanical works of art. They are useful tools to protect, feed, and sport. Guns fill so many rolls yes some are criminal but most everything in modern society can be used criminally.  Before guns people were using other articles to kill each other. chains, knives, baseballbats, spears, you name it . I don't quite understand the totally unobjective argument against firearms but maybe that is just me. We are getting away from the sports of hunting and feeding ourselves, we rely on mass farms and slaughterhouses that use who knows what kind of chemicals and preservatives on your food. I do know what is in my food nothing but natural products. I can protect myself and  my familly, and not have to rely on someone else. I served this country in the Air Force and I was trained in the use of firearm saftey, marksmanship, and use. as I believe everyone should as we were in the past. I have many guns rifles, semiauto, auto, and bolt action, lever action, and single shot. Many many handguns pistols, and revolvers and shotguns. I like all kinds and have most every caliber in  handguns, and rifles. You can never have too many. I keep a few loaded all the time and always have at least one thousand rounds for every weapon I own. Because they are pretty useless if you can't use them.
lingerieme lingerieme
51-55, M
May 12, 2012