My First Time Celebrating Holloween

I was 12yrs old i dressed up as aladdin wife jasmine lol i was the dark complexion jasmine, with a much shorter hair. I was kinda shy and nervous cos i have never known there was something called holloween and trick or treating. We went to a mcdonald location and there was a party there for the kids and there were competition with plenty give aways and many rides i played and ate plenty candy till my tummy was bloated i looked like i was 3months pregnant lol, i can remember farting alot cos of all the different type stuff i was eating. There were so many kids in all type of costume wow i was amazed it was like xmas. I had plenty fun that night. I even get to stay up til 12 wow
Jamaicanles Jamaicanles
22-25, F
Jan 16, 2013