It's easy to quote all the usual stereotypical references to the fact that handsome men are vain and empty headed and I'm not going to add to it. 

In fact it's impossible to say that the way someone looks really dictates how they are going to behave or their attitude towards women in particular. 

The thing is of course, that the definition of handsome is different for each of us.  There are classics like Paul Newman (in the avatar) or Brad Pitt or George Clooney.  But there are plenty of other perhaps less classically good looking men that I would consider handsome and add to that a cheeky smile and a good sense of humour - someone who can make me laugh - it's just an unbeatable combination. 
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there's always hope david!!<br />
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it's a tough one to define chiquita ... but a bit of depth is what I look for most of all I think.

I must agree with you, WIB. <br />
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I tried to define what I considered a genuinely "yummy" man once and it has very little to do with ones obvious outer appearance. Paul Newman was obviously a gorgeous man, but his beauty was not merely skin deep....there was, indeed, substance there behind those piercing blue eyes of his.<br />
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Great story, lovie.

thank you smiling faces ... men never get the answers to these questions quite right ... best just to leave them quietly suffering I find! lol

thank you m2bf ... very sweet of you to say ... and yes Paul Newman is gorgeous in that photo.

It is like clothing. Sometimes an outfit looks beautiful in the store window and we love to admire it and some outfits do not look attractive on a hanger but those bold beautiful colors look fantastic when actually on the right person and you admire it then. It is what fills the clothes that makes them stand out and look great! <br />
M2bf--hmm, so when you say I am beautiful are you meaning my personality only???? Just kidding darling, that is a rhetorical question so PLEASE do not answer that!!!!!!<br />
WIB--well said! Quite eloquent!

"I feel pretty... oh so pretty... I feel pretty and witty and gay!" especially thinking about Paul Newman... but I digress and hate the fact that the word has been stolen... I love looking around the mall at average looking people, finding their sweethearts and knowing they are absolutely beautiful to each other... I tried to point that out to a judgmental colleauge the other week... she may or may not enjoy life...shrug... I think WIB and Josie are beautiful and if we were to meet, it wouldn't matter to me if your faces were blurred with burn scars.

Yes, he was gorgeous when he was younger especially ... and a very clever, eloquent man too so I understand.

Oh yes, Paul Newman. Dreamy.<br />
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Handsome, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.<br />
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Great way to relate this one WIB.