So I need some ideas. This guy and I are new friends and we want to hang out and get to know each other better. Usually everyone picks what we are doing and I go along with plans, he's making me pick what to do. Only thing I could think of is a movie or bowling but I really don't want to do either. Do you have any ideas???
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Are there any scenic places around where you are that you can go on a walk to or around? Sunsets and large hills make a heck of a mix.

They are no where close to do that :/ We live in two different towns so we are actually trying to find something to do that we both like.

How hard have you looked? Are you just friends?

I've only met this dude once in my life which was 2 years ago and we've only been friends for a week lol. We ran into each other at a fair and I was with someone he knew so I talked to him. & Well I really don't know what he likes to do, and I really don't like doing many things unless it's being outdoors so I'm having a hard time finding things. They aren't much to do where we live and all he says is "your picking I'll tell you if I like it or not" so I suggested bowling or a movie and he said that's fine but he won't tell me which one and I hate bowling and sick and tired of going to the movies because I go every week :/

Ugh I know the struggle. If it's getting to know each other you want to do then make it something where you're not confined or in a loud place.
That would be why I go for walks and sunsets. Everyone likes sunsets haha. You have to ask a bunch of questions if you want to know what good choices are for the both of you.
Eating together and hanging out outside are two good defaults for learning about each other. If you think you'll enjoy each other's company something as simple as getting coffee will get the job done. Heck, I do that with my guys friends all the time when we just want to get together and catch up.

Well I want to get to know him but I rather be where a lot of other people are around because I really don't know this guy. I think the coffee and sunset is an awesome idea, but I don't think he will like it. I'm not comfortable being alone with a guy when no one else is around, I rather be in a public place. He seems to be a really good guy, but who knows what kind of a guy he truly is. I don't even know why he wants to hang out tbh.... I usually never say no to a guy when it comes to hanging out. :/

Then find a diner or a coffee shop or something. You'll be in public just enough to make you feel comfortable, yet have plenty of privacy go have some conversations about things. If you want to flirt flirt, but if not just let him pay and practice your conversational skills.

I just wished he would help me find something to do, plus I'm not that outgoing but he is so he's gonna have a hard time getting me to open up

Is the coffee shop a no?

Sadly yeah and plus we don't even have a coffee shop around here expect Starbucks and I hate there coffee :/ This dude is a wrestling referee so who knows what he likes to do...

Well don't whimp out of things. Tell him what you think about bowling and the movies. If he actually wants you to have fun and hang put, he'll do what he can. You are allowed to say no.

I have a problem saying no lol, I even went on dates that I never wanted to go to because I feel awful if I say no. He's over 20 and I'm 16, I'm a country girl he's more rock and roll kinda guy so we are completely different and our versions of a "good time" are different. I don't care to go bowling I just hate it because I suck at it. I don't care to go to movies I just basically go to movies every week with friends and the movies are getting old to me. I really wanna hang out with him a lot because I love making new friends but he is just like leaving everything up to me. Heck I don't even know if he knows my age he just talks about him :/ I have asked him a thousand questions he's never asked one about me and I'm just like should I just come out and tell him about my self even if he doesn't ask lol. Do you have any other ideas?

I'm gonna try overcoming my being overprotective haha.
I don't really have any ideas. Do you know what time of day you'll hang out?

Why are you overprotective haha? More then likely it will be in the evening lol

Let's just say I've known 20 something guys to be interested in 16 year old girls and I don't like seeing anyone get hurt.
You're stressing yourself out way too much over this. If he wants to hang out with you, he should have to come up with something that bworks for the both of you. Your comfort and fun is a heck of a lot more important than impressing him. You're going to have to learn to stand up for yourself eventually :P consider this practice.

Well all but 1 of my guy friends are in their 20's lol. I hate guys my age sadly. He's the one who wanted to hang out but he is like me and is used to everyone else picking what to do lol. I never try to impress a guy, they just end up loving me for my personality. I know I need to stand up for myself but after the first time I'm just like using the excuse "my dad said he hates you so I can't hang out" and they leave me alone XD Yeah I probably shouldn't use that excuse but it works lol

Hell if I was your dad you wouldn't have to make that up XD
Make him choose what you're doing. He's the one who wants to impress you haha.

Well I'll never forgive him for asking me if I was married to my cousin the first day I ever met him XD My step-dad is over protective and usually does force me to stop talking to a guy, he always brings out the shot gun when meeting my dates or "guy friends" then when I ask them to dinner they said no because they are terrified of my step-dad but I think it's awesome XD

I wouldn't call that Over protective. Haha he's got to make sure the guys that get a chance to be with you care a lot and have strong character. When that one comes along, he won't be swayed by a shotgun haha.

No he is over protective I just usually do what he says no to because it's easier to ask for forgiveness then permission lol. Then I just get yelled at for a few hours then everything's okay. If it was up to my dad I would never leave the house or his side and I would basically live the life he wanted me to. Only one guy hasn't been afraid of my step-dad but my step-dad is best friends with him now which is weird. We are sorta dating but my step-dad texts him all the time and they talk for hours, my step-dad knows how over protective this guy is over me and knows he would kill someone if they did anything to me so at least they get along :) But I barley see him since he moved.

He doesn't have to do much to impress me because I think he is hot but that's just my opinion my luck he will be a jerk

Hahaha my being protective makes that sentence get to me a little bit XD Well I gave you what input I had haha. I do wish you the very best of luck. Stay safe, kid. : )

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