No Bulge

Following a prostate cancer operation, one of the benefits has been a lowering of my testosterone levels and shrinkage of my penis and testicles. The resulting tiny male bits are easily tucked up out of sight and stopped from emerging with a patch of duct tape.
I can now wear ladies panties and trousers without showing any signs that I was ever a man. I have even been on French beaches wearing nothing but a tiny ladies g-string or thong and love the looks I get as people try to work out what sex I am.
The doctors all sympathise with my loss of masculinity and I have never had the courage to tell them that I would be quite happy to have no male sex organs at all.
Since all this happened I have been cross dressing at home and my wife likes having me as her new best girl friend.
malecynthia malecynthia
70+, M
Sep 12, 2012