My Ex Girlfriend Confesses

My ex girlfriend and I broke up about 6 months ago. I recently contacted her and kind of got to be her friend again. Well. I am in the car business and i helped her getting a kick *** deal with a car. In return she repaid me with the following ratings. I am number 5. and and she also confessed that she ****** number 4....who happens to be a very close friwnd of mine. This is copied from her email.....******* enjoy....

1. j measurement: i would say about 5". he was average in size. he sucked so badly. i would give him a zero in performance and rating. he was just awful. he had no skills, no moves, nothing whatsoever. this guy had 3 years to come up with at least one stimulating move for me, but he couldn't even get my nipples hard. yet, he thought he was so big and thick, and the best i would ever encounter. he was so wrong.

2. a measurement: I'm going to guess maybe 3? it was tiny and so thin. it literally looked like a salchicha. when we started, i noticed he was moving his body in the motion of back and forth. i was confused bc it seemed like a movement you would do in sex, yet i didnt feel anything. i asked him "are you in?" i could not feel anything at all. neither of us finished and it lasted like 5 minutes. it was awful. he didnt do any moves either. he should have showed off to make up for his tiny ****, but he had nothing to give. he definitely gets a big fat zero for rating.

3. m measurement: he could be 5.5". he was thick for sure, and i would say big. not huge, but medium to big(closer to medium). he was definitely an upgrade from the first two. up to that point he had been the best. and i could feel him like in my abdomen. it was like pressure. and i had never felt that before. i guess it happens when you have a big thick ****. i never felt intimacy with him, which is probably why i never achieved the big o before i met you, however, he was really good. although i never got one, it was good enough to leave me satisfied. after you, i had sex with him couple of times and it wasnt all that bc i had feelings for someone else, if you will -_-, but ironically enough i had an ******. i tried so hard not to let it happen but it did, i remember he first went in and i felt that pressure once again, and it was explosive. i obviously never felt that with you, so when i felt the pressure, it was like omg here it is. for a rating i would give him an 8.

4. j measurement: 6" and maybe even a bit more. he was huge. we didnt really get many chances to have sex, but when we did, it was really great. i had a huge crush on him, so im sure that made it even more thrilling to be with him. i also felt the pressure with him. i really had good times with him. he did everything i liked; from pulling my hair, biting me, choking me. i remember him going in to the furthest deepest crevice of my body and just thrusting in me. i could feel him pulsating. we didnt really get a chance to fully enjoy every time bc something would always come up, and it if wasnt for that fact, and also for the fact that i didnt feel anything for him in that sense, i would give him a ten, but i give him a high 8.

5. m measurement. 4". you are small; lets face it. however, compared to the the first two losers, you actually knew what to do. i can never deny that you were great, bc you were. and i think the feelings that i had for you, who you were to me, and how comfortable you made me feel had a big part in that. you could definitely go on and on and on without stopping, and that was good lol. but sometimes it was so tiring, bc i had nothing else to give. but i think maybe you did all that to show off. i dont know, but regardless it was good. you had the right moves, you chocked me, did all the things i liked. i dont know if i ever told you this, but my favorite thing was when you would finish in me. that feeling was so amazing. before you, the first j had done it. but it was no big deal. but it meant everything with you. its a feeling that i could never fully explain. it was the emotion of love and you just letting go that gave me the chills. for a long time you were my best, but that has changed now. but i can never forget you, as much as i would want to. current rating: 9

6. j measurement; 6". hes huge too. honestly, i can say that he is my best. i have never experienced what i have with him. hes like no other. from the very first night we did it, he did things to me, and made me feel like i had never felt before. it was amazing, and still is. i can honestly say that even after all this time we have been together, i still swear every time its better than the last. it never gets boring. he also can go on and on and on, and he'll hit the spot right time after time after time, just making me finish like there's no tomorrow. and i also get that pressure feeling in my abdomen. he is definitely the deepest i have ever felt in me. when we first started, it was amazing. we had connection and lust. but now that we have grown and love each other, its like the sex became heaven. we still "****", get freaky, bite, choke, get aggressive, but its enhanced, making him the best I've ever have. and if i have it my way, he'll be the best i will ever have. he did finish in me once, but it was with a condom, and we were so nervous that i couldn't fully enjoy it. but the feelings that did arise from it were so glorious. i never wanted someone in me so badly like that very moment. i felt him breathing, him pulsating in me. i felt his heart beat racing on my chest. i never felt so alive. and i cant wait for the day he does it without it. I've never wanted it so badly before. he is my number 10. my best.

I prefer an above average size to be honest. it can be painful at times, but in a good way. its worth it really. for a long time i preferred your size bc its a gentle feel, doesnt stretch me out down there, doesnt cause pain; but i think that was bc you knew how to move. and a small **** without any skills isnt going to get very far. no pun intended lol. so i would say a big **** definitely is the winner.

victimoffate victimoffate
26-30, M
Dec 11, 2012