This Morning

I woke up too early this morning and found my diaper flooded and the bedpad wet. I lay there a minute wanting to fall back asleep, but I wasn't comfortable in the wetness (usually doesn't bother me at all). So I ******** off my diaper and the bedpad, and got a fresh diaper from the closet. But my bottom was still damp so I decided to air out, laid the diaper on the bedside table and just went back to sleep naked. It felt strange and a little risky, but no, I didn't pee the bed unprotected. When I woke up I pulled the fresh diaper on while still laying in bed, and I felt the most intense rush of satisfaction, the snugness, comfort and security was terrific. I've been wearing a diaper for years, but rarely had such a warm glow. I love being incontinent, and maybe I'm catching the DL bug as well.

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Sep 9, 2012