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The Outdoors :)

I feel like a very lucky person because i have the opportunity every day to go outside! Alot of people dont really get the chance to do this so i take advantage of it! I go hunting, fishing, i ride dirt bikes and four wheelers and on spmedays i just go for a walk! For any of you who knows what im talking about you probably agree! Nature is stunning! Everything like the way the leaves are moving, the scenery, the way the water moves as its flowing, and even the smells from the vegitation is just so interesting! So maybe for all of us who have this opportunity but instead use our free time in front of the tv ! Maybe we should stop doing that and start enjoying nature why its here! Ps sorry for the bad grammar and misspelled words.. i am doing ths from my phone and it's not wanting to cooperate. Also feel free to comment:)
Yourguy64 Yourguy64 18-21, M 5 Responses Nov 24, 2012

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I agree. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do! i just got the chance to go for such an adventure with some friends at my favorite local place and it was the best!

Hiking is the best because the view is always amazing :):)

Nature at its best :)

You can't make me!!! *Cover herself with lots of pillows in bed*

I think this is a very good way of spending your time. I love the outdoors myself and try to enjoy it as much as possible