My First Bellybutton Tickling Experience.

I was 11 years old when I had my bellybutton played with. The girl next door was 15 and I had a thing for her bellybutton,she was always wearing belly shirts exposing her beautiful deep innie, and she knew I liked looking at it.  One day she saw me in her yard where I wasn't supposed to be,so she yelled at me to "get out" when she started running after me, she caught the back of my shirt and pulled me to the ground. I was always afraid of her father and begged her not to tell him I was in the yard. Well just then a big smile came across her face then I realized that my shirt was pulled above my bellybutton as she stood over me. Well she pulled me to my feet telling me she wouldn't tell her father but there was something she wanted to show me. She said to me"You like looking at my bellybutton,don't you"? I was so embarrased that she knew this!! Then she asked me "if I wanted to play with it"? I couldn't believe what she was asking,a dream come true!! At the same time I was very shy that I don't know if I could have actually touch her belly much less play with her bellybutton. Well she led me down to her basement where I saw four of her friends,we walk in and she tells them that" I like her bellybutton " and she would let me play with it. They all laughed,just then she grabbed both my arms,asking one friend to "get the rope" I yelled and she put her hand over my mouth,telling me that "if her father heard me he would be down" well that was enough to shut me up! She takes both my arms as her friend handed her the rope,she started to tie both hands to a pipe. Well my t-shirt was a little too small for me coming down to the top of my jeans that when she put my arms up my bellybutton was fully exposed!! Between her and her friends they had tortured me for an hour by poking me and prodding my bellybutton. I was so ticklish that it truly was torture,but I loved it!!! I wiggled with each poke and prod that my loose jeans started to drop about an inch exposing more of my belly!! Not only were they playing with my bellybutton now they started to tickle my lower belly which I think was worse! Then with a fistul of my t-shirt she pulls me toward her and says "if I ever come back in her yard, that she and her friends will take my clothes off and dress me up as a girl and take me out in public!" The thought of that humiliation was to much that I never did go back. But I loved it as they played with my bellybutton and tickled my belly. When we would see each other after that she would always smile at me. She tricked me!! Before this happened I always liked bellybuttons but absoultely love having my bellybutton played with!!
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7 Responses May 30, 2011

Your really lucky... I have a tickle fetish and would love this happening to me

I think you have a belly button fetish :)

send me a picture of your belly button

I'm a guy and my belly button is soo ticklish it's annoying its like an inbetweenie people r always looking at it they always tell me it looks weird!

Were all of the girl's friends girls ? I mean those who tortured your bellybutton in this story were all girls ? Who tortured your bellybutton the most among them ?

it's a cute story

this is a great story, very cute and sexy.

Good story. You should write more on this topic.