How I Played My Fingers On My Cousin Navel At Function

hi friends i came with another erotic story.. my cousin anuya .. she is sweet 16 of age .. very attractive figure and beautiful. i had full lust on her .but unluckily she cant be my wife in future..
this incident happen last week when i went my relatives programs.. anuya was wore saree showing her deep cut navel.:-) i was staring on her navel when ever she comes in front of me .. she caught me seeing her navel.. she got shy and ran away .. on evening we all teenagers use to dance on terace .. we did party there . that time i went anuya room . she was lied in bed due to stress. everyone was there in party. so i got a chance to tickle anuya .. i went and sat near her.. i just removed her saree from her belly.. oh god what a navel it is .. my mouth opened. i slowly start to finger her navel..she slowly start to move her body and she open her eyes and saw me .. she start to refuse .but i convinced her and she told ok.. i went down near kitchen and brought payasam (sweet) and put on her belly. and slowly start to suck it .. as she dnt knw anything she start to shout .." nahi aru its hurting me aaaahhhhhhh dnt bite my tummy .." i told u tummy is sexy and i want to bite it .. i took my thumb finger and pressed deeply on her navel.. she shout "aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh kuch kuch oh raha hai muje ".. i going on licking her navell and bite her navel.. she got mad and she removed her blouse bra everything and asked me to suck her booobssss.. boys seeing her pinky nipples i got mad .. i start to suck those mangoes and i did sucking and licking for hour ..she shouted aaaaahhhhhaahahahahaahahahahaah continuesly which aroused me lot... we thought of doing sex bt we afraid any one see it means .. next sunday she is coming my home and this time i sure take her virginity
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Nothing like that navel to bring out the sensual desires. The most eroticpart she didn't even know sexy those belly buttons are. Andto sureender to you in total submission had to be an extremme pleasure. What a lucky woman you ar and to seduce another into complete exctas wow. Love to hear from you