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About 10 years ago, a friend of mine and I were hanging out while our boyfriends were out. It was Summer and I was wearing low waisted shorts and a snug fit sleeveless blouse the just barely covered my navel. We drank wine and were kicking back and the kitchen light bulb blew out. I climbed uo on a chair to change it becaue I was taller than her and the kitchen had a high ceiling. i had to stretch to reach it. When i did, my shirt rose up exposing my navel. My friend was standing right in front of me, and she said You know, you've got such a nice tight stomach and you belly button is really hot. she rubbed get hand across my belly and again in a circular motion over my navel. I stretched up a little more and she rubbed her fingers over my navel again but this time brushed each fingertip slowly across my navel. before I knew it she stuck her tongue all the way in to it. She wiggled the tip of her tongue and it turned me on as much as it did her. She ran her tongue around they edge of the oval and plunged the tip of her tongue into it again. We ended up in the living room and she had me arch my back over the front of the couch. She loved tonguing my navel and I loved her doing it. She had a hot body herself and at some point she got up and lifted her shirt and stuck her navel in my face and I licked it and sucked it. Ever since then I've had a fetish for other girls navels.
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Dec 1, 2012