I think about belly buttons constantly, and think about touching them and having mine touched all the time. A regular fantasy I have is I'm hanging out with a good looking guy friend, just hanging out on the couch watching a movie when he ask for a drink. I get up and theres not much room between the couch and the coffee table with his legs in between, so I turn sideways facing him to walk from out between the couch and table, and because we'd been sitting for I while I stretched as I walked by him, exposing my belly. I see his eyes widen as he grins and sits forward, face just inches from my belly and jambs his finger in my belly button as he laughs, "haha! I see your belly button!" giving the very inside of my belly button a quick rub with the tip of his finger before I jumped back, shocked. "Your belly button is ticklish!" He laughs again. "No its not!" I exclaim "I wasn't expecting that and you startled me." Not a total lie, my belly button is so sensitive, if I'm not expecting a touch, I jump. As amazing as it feels, its initially very shocking. "I think you're lying" he says, "let me do it again." he says when I deny it. I step back in front of him, he leans forward, grabbing the bottom of my shirt dragging it up over my belly, the palm of his hand brushing over my belly button as he passed over it. He stared into my belly button for a moment before poking his finger all the way into my belly button. "Wow your belly button is kind of deep" he says, and I was able to withstand the urge to jump when he first poked his finger in my belly button, but when he admired how deep it was, he started to give it a good fingering when I jumped back and squealed. "I knew you were ticklish!" He said snatching my wrist before I could jump away from him. With an evil smile, he holds my arm in the air as he trips my legs out from under me, catching me before I hit the ground, laying me on the floor and straddling my hips before grabbing my other wrist and holding them down easily as I tried to struggle. "You lied to me when you said your belly button wasn't ticklish. Now you have to be punished. I have to show you that it is ticklish and make sure that you never forget that." He grabs the bottom of my shirt once again since it had fallen back over my belly and yanks it back exposing my whole belly to him. He immediately jabs his finger penetrating my belly button, all the way to the bottom giving it repeated hard pokes all the way to the end of my belly button as I screamed with laughter. "I thought you weren't ticklish?? He says tauntingly switching from deep poking to rubbing the very innie part of my belly button vigorously with the very tip of his finger and fingernail. The hard pressure of his finger inside my innie causing me to moan before I could control it. He paused for a moment, finger still in my belly button, with a knowing look on his face. "You like having your belly button finger fvcked don't you?" He asked giving my button some more deep hard pokes. "Yes!" I squealed as he continued his assault on my belly button, not stopping til I begged him with tears streaming from laughter. Almost every time we saw each other after that, he would find a way to poke and play with my belly button, telling me he was just reminding me how sensitive my belly button was. Sometimes I would wear belly shirts or stretch in front of him exposing my belly button and enticing him to touch it. That's my idea of the perfect belly button friend :)
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Such a hot story. Reminds me in some parts of my belly button tickling experience long ago.

That is so hott. Would absolutely love to reenact that with you.


Such an erotic story. It's one of greatest desires to find a girl with a sensitive belly button who loves navel-play.