Giver Not A Receiver

For the foot rubs or massages that women love so much I so enjoy giving the foot rub with the washing of the feet and putting on the lotion that makes them all soft and smooth...

I don't have any complaints against how I do it but I do know that when I am all done, she is so out and relaxed that is a high compliment....

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Alicia, I would gladly teach him and instuct him on your sexy ticklish feet anytime. <br />
He has no idea what he is missing here

If your boyfriend isn't doing it alicia, it can mean two things <br />
<br />
1 He doesn't know how or afraid to do it.<br />
<br />
2 Thinks that it is too girly for him to do or just doesn't want to.<br />
<br />
For 1 he can be trained and he can learn and know that it would give you pleasure for him to do it and thus wants to do it not forced.<br />
<br />
For 2 If that is his stand then might be time to find another that would do it...<br />
<br />
Either way he is probably just a guy that hasn't stepped up his game yet and hasn't thought about doing it, might give him a hint by asking him to..<br />
<br />
Just a thought.

Very much so L2T... When she moans or giggles from the rubbing that is given or the fact that she relaxes so much, that is a reward to its self.

I am with u, Bro. I love to give a gal a foot rub. Lotion is magic. I love the feel of a soft sensitive sole and toes. And the sound of pleasured moans or giggles is music to the ears.

The fact that you had to give him something for it...... I'm sorry that is just wrong.....

I don't think there is a woman alive that doesn't love her feet rubbed!!!!! I used to be able to con my ex into rubbing my feet but I'd have to give him sex afterwards...he'd never just do it for me to be giving and nice or anything LOL!!! ;-)