I love to have my feet played with in general; massaged, licked, sucked, rubbed.  Just play with me all over and I am a very happy fungirl. MMMM baby more please.

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I would gladly suck your toes whenever you want.

I love to give foot massage, but not until I had more than an hour of light caresses all over my girl's body. Tickling the nipples, caressing the ***** and feathering the thighs are my favorites. Love doing that for you too.

LOL you are too much. (hugs)

Yes I do have a high arch in my feet.

Do you have sexy high arched feet? Just curious. Send me a message!


I love to have my feed rubbed.. I am still wondering if I like my toes sucked anymore bc I have developed a major tickle in them lol.

That's it... I'm staying

When chris sees me in person. the pool efect will talk place ...then we will really have some thing to laugh about ....tell our grand kids ....

Haha! I definately will not be swimming in the pool... lmao

Ok, well you already know I don't wear clothes at home so you will be comfortable here. I turned the heat up just a little bc we don't want any performance anxiety caused by shrinkage on your part. And pun was deeply intended with this statement LOL

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....a trios .....

I'm bringing one change of clothes for the trip home. I don't plan on wearing any while I'm there... ;P

LOL, Chris I will be waiting. I will run and pick up Leiz now hehe.<br />
<br />
I just got some peanut butter last night btw so pack light and hurry up lol.

so..................... im not the only one ......that is hot.....chris knows hot

I am packing a bag right now!

I will tell you this. I thought I hated feet until just a short year ago and a very nice EP'er (well he ain't so nice anymore as IT and SilentSuffering will tell you) taught me the value of all over loving. Sh*t My and Leiz!!! Mess with my feet and I will give you almost anything that is mine to give LOL. Gosh I just posted that on a freaking public site. Oh well.<br />
<br />
Oh Rog! You are a NOWTY (lol) boy!<br />
<br />
Chris, bring the peanut butter over. Leiz and I need some foot massages.

I dont like feet either...but if some one were to suck my toes .....that would be it ....gone gone gone

Oh Dear. Wait until ballz sees this one. I HATE feet.

Go ahead leiza... We want to know....

I cant talk about this in my condition ..


I like toes and feet :-)

I would massage you feet, toes, ankle all the way up to your hips. Then I would start all over.