I Love Having My Toes Sucked

I had my feet massaged, tickled, licked, and rubbed, but none of that compares to having my toes sucked. I feel relaxed and comfortable during the sucking. I have my best friend suck my toes as a dare, and he willingly did it. I sometimes suck my own toes, but it is a different feeling if someone else did it. It is cold to warm feeling that is also nice. If I had a girlfriend, I wish she would suck my toes too.

dave0903 dave0903
18-21, M
8 Responses Jan 31, 2010

Oh David! I would love to suck your toes. I love the way it feels and would just love to share my passion for toe sucking with you

my wife sucked my toes, and jerked me off at the same time, best orgasam ever

Sorry i have no idea that sucking of the toe has such great thing as i read here.. Perhaps i should try on my own first before taking the next step to a higher level... hehehe.. cheers from Singapore.

I love sucking girls toes!! during sex, but something alittle different, is putting something sweet in there heels while they are wearing them, like custard or chocolate, have them wear them around a bit, then suck on there toes!! My ex used to love me putting everything in her heels or boots while we were out, cheese cake, bananas, grapes chocolate, and love the feeling of it squishing in her shoes!! but most of all loved having me suck it off her toes when we got home!!!<br />
very erotic!!

Ya know what feels really great? Having your toes suckled while your soles are being tickled! Damn, it drives me insane!

I love sucking toes, too, but I must admit I spend a lot more time higher up on the boy's body.

Being very dominant, I had practically all my girls suck my toes and lick my feet. If she was a real slave, she would kneel before me and worship my feet, licking & kissing them and sucking my toes as an act of submission and tenderness... The feeling of a woman kissing my feet makes me extremely horny. If she was just an affair, lover or girlfriend (and submissive as well, as they all were) pretty much all of them sooner or later kissed my feet too even though in this case I wouldn't make them but they just felt it was the right thing to do. Especially when taking the girl from behind for a longer time I sometimes put a foot on the bed where she is on all fours, or on the floor, she grabs it and start sucking on my toes while I pound her... it is a very intense pleasure that makes me come harder. My wife sucks my toes a lot, too. She sometimes whispers in my ear when I take her: "let me kiss your feet" - it's an ex<x>pression of her submission to me and the desire to please me totally.

You should be at my feet right now, stark naked and worshipping me.

I'm a straight male, but I like foot (both male/female). What turns me on is the submission thing. I would even pay for the privilege of sucking your toes, sir.

I LOVE when women suck guys toes...such a turn on!

I would gladly suck ur toes lol