Online Friends :)

I Don't Think I'm Popular In Any Sense Of The Word But
I have a few people I trust and they always do right by me.

It's supposed to be a big thing, growing up, then moving away from home, migrating to another country and people do it everyday but it's hard. It's difficult getting to know people who have a totally different culture to yours and I always feel like I'm just missing something or not quite part of the group. I left my country of birth to go to university and loved it. I then left my uni town to move somewhere where I had better job prospects. Generally, it's worked out great, but I don't have a group of friends I can always rely on and getting to know people can be a nightmare. I can get on with most and tolerate the rest but the people I've met in my short little life have been 'just wow'!

Anyway, here I am in Standard town, England, my best friends are in South Africa and Ohio, USA and the only other person who really knows what I'm like lives 120 miles away and is moving in with his girlfriend in a few weeks. I wish they were all down the road. I wish I could just turn up at their place and veg out for the night then go home to sleep. But I can't. I do get some really good conversation out of them all though. People's lives sometimes seem more interesting when you don't have to deal with their mundane and when you're telling someone who's in a different country about you regular day to say, it almost seems precious.

This is obviously a bit of a mind dump but I envy all I you who's friends are near by and can actually give you a cuddle when you need it and the best I can hope for from someone who actually matters as much as my siblings is *hugs* ;)

Anyway - who wants another cyber buddy? I'm good at that!
Flame07 Flame07
26-30, F
Apr 16, 2012