It Feels Safer

People frighten me. Caring about people, trusting them?   That's very dangerous.
...Online friends somehow feel a bit safer...Though they can hurt me too.
...I wish I didn't need people to remain sane.
It would make things so much easier.
hylierandom hylierandom
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Hear, hear, Hylie! Caring too much is often a one-way ticket to getting burned.

I wish it wasn't. 'Cause I do get lonely...

Maybe we can be alone together? And Who can come too, if he wants :)

If you didn't live another timezone over, I'd take you out for coffee or something. You're neat people. :)

you are completely right about being safer except they cant always be there for u thats why i really really want friends in real life. i mean online is real life too but were just so far away we can't go hangout or do fun stuff together. i hope at some point we can both have real friends that we can trust and that trust us too.....hope so neway

Me too. You're a good guy. :)

thx u too