Proud to Show My Pantyline

i love to show everyone that i'm wearing panties. i know my aunty may call me a dirty little girl and want to spank me for sharing this story but i had to share it.

i really love the way that a person may be staring at my pretty little bottom because i have a pantyline when i'm wearing a skirt. my favourite all time pantyline would have to be wearing a cute little white pleated skirt that is slightly see through and wearing either a pair of pretty link panties underneath or wearing any type of skirt and having multiple pairs of panties on so i can see the panylines showing through the skirt. this works with dresses as well.

i remember why i fell in love with this. one day i noticed that one of my teachers at school had a pantyline and i could not take my eyes off it. she caught me and made me look exactly the same after school hours. and she kept laughing and baggering me over being able to see my panties through my skirt.

anyways in brief i just love having pantylines.

littlegirlmadison littlegirlmadison
18-21, M
5 Responses Sep 22, 2008

with a lovely thin short pleated white skirt sounds divinine. even better if the panties are rhumbas with cute ruffled butt

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In absolute agreement with you. I am glad to hear that pantie line fetish is catching on. Love you. I am Bonnie.

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