Service Call Fantasy

I have always fantasized about being called over to a client's home to work on their troublesome computer and be greeted at the door by a beautiful woman in high heels, a business sexy skirt, and a well fitting blouse that shows off some beautiful cleavage and curves. After coming in, I find the computer is just fine as she leans over me, brushing me with her breasts and breathing gently in my ear. Finally I turn around to let her know I can find nothing wrong when she starts stroking my already hard **** through my pants. Asking if there's anything else I can do for her, she smiles and says, "Let me do something for you" as she unbuckles my belt and lets my **** out of my pants.

Looking up at me with desire in her eyes, she kisses the head of my **** and licks it slowly and forcefully, circling around it with her tongue before opening her mouth and wrapping it around my swollen head. Sucking up and down, licking it all over as she squeezes my balls gently, tugging on them as she bobs up and down on my ****, making my already hard **** fully erect and like steel in her soft, wet mouth. I pull her off of my **** and stand her up against the nearest wall, going to my knees in front of her and licking my way up her beautiful legs, sliding her skirt up over her hips as I start to lick her delicious *****, burying my tongue between her ***** lips and licking her delicious **** while slipping a finger inside her soaking wet vagina, rubbing her g-spot until I make her ***. Still licking her, I turn her around and lean her against the wall, her heels put her at the perfect height for me to slide right into her hungry *****, and I slide my throbbing **** deep into her, pulling her hips toward me as I thrust inside, making her scream in passion as I **** her hard. I **** her delicious ***** until she starts to squeeze me tight, ******* all over my **** and driving me to the point where I have no choice but to *** too. At the last moment of her ******, I pull out and she dives down onto my ****, wrapping her luscious lips around it as I explode a hot, sweet stream of *** onto her tongue and down her throat. Sucking and licking my **** clean, keeping me rock hard and looking up at me with those eyes still full of desire keeping me rock hard.

I push her down onto her back, spread her legs, and start licking her soaking wet *****, licking her and fingering her, making her *** again quickly. Not stopping as she pulls me into herself, licking her as she starts to scream in pleasure, finally I put her legs in the air and drive my still hard **** back into her still shuddering *****, ******* her and driving her to ****** after ******, each one bringing me closer to a second ******. Finally as she **** one final time, I ask her if she wants my *** inside her, or in her mouth. She tells me she wants to taste me again, and I pull my **** out as she scrambles to her knees, licking and sucking hungrily on my ****, bobbing up and down fast, stroking my **** until I shoot my second load right into her mouth, letting her lick and suck it clean once more.

Once I regain enough energy to put my pants back on, she leads me to the door telling me that she'll call me with all her problems from here on out.
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dats a hot story...