Me Time

I love my fiance to pieces, but sometimes it's just nice to sit back with a bit of 'Me Time' in mind. Mostly, it's just because we aren't into the exact same things. I find that doing your own thing helps maintain your individuality and remember that you're halves before wholes. Mostly, I'll just read or work on my novel, but it's also a good time to jump in my PJ's, drape myself over the sofa and play Xbox.

Daydreaming is also a 'me time' hobby of mine as it keeps the creative juices flowing for my novel, but the only problem is I can no longer daydream with my eyes open. Which usually means I end up falling asleep. But if I'm just chillin' at home, there's no need for anyone to sack me because I was sleeping on shift.

Ahhh yup. Nothing wrong with 'me time'!
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
May 21, 2012