My Diapers

Well, at the time of me writing this, I'm currently wearing a very wet diaper, and I just love the feeling! I prefer the diapers with the tapes over the underwear style (which is, unfortunately, what I'm currently in), but a wet diaper feels great no matter what. If I had somebody here who would change me, I would also be messing my diapers as well

AlexinDiapers AlexinDiapers
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

The best diapers are Bambino's. I wish there wasn't such a social stigma about choosing to wear a diaper. It's my personal choice and that of many of you. So why can't people let it go? If I had my way I wouldn't have ever been potty trained, just tought at some age to change my self. Be left that way. If a boy after a year or two after being out of diapers and he wants go to back wearing them it should his choice and not frowned upon. I am sure you all would agree.