Promiscuous White Wives... More Promiscuous Than Asian Wives?

I have received some flak for remarking in one of my stories that I thought American women, especially American wives were more promiscuous than Asian women (and Asian wives). As such, I will offer a little of my basis from my own personal experience (and observation) for that statement.

1. As I entered my old age (the 50s) I began to have thoughts of swinging or, when that was rejected by my wife, of sharing my wife with other men, particularly young, hung black men. I researched the concept as best I could (hotwives, cuckolds, etc.) and came across thousands of sites with millions of white wives all wanting the same thing - black ****! I found very few Asian wives wanting black ****, just million of white wives. You can find Asian women who will do black men but very few Asian wives and it appears that those who do black men do it with their husbands' approval and support. White wives, on the other hand, are doing black men by the hundreds of thousands with and without their husbands' approval and support.
2. I am a trial lawyer and do my share of divorce work (esp after George W, when he was Governor, took away the rights of workers to sue for injuries, then did the same thing as a practical matter for anybody injured or killed by medical malpractice). In my many years of practice I have had countless numbers of cases involving white wives cheating on their husbands (many with black men) but only two cases involving an Asian wife cheating on her husband (and they both involved an Asian wife cheating on an Asian husband with a white man). I have never had a case of an Asian woman cheating on her white husband, much less with a black man.
3. I spent the first few years of my practicing law as an Assistant DA. Each Friday night we had a big party to celebrate our trial victory for that week. There were always a lot of women, mostly white wives (secretarys, clerks, interns, et. al.) at these parties and they all "put out". Almost all these married women were cheating on their husbands and the one thing they had in common was that they were all married white wives. I ****** our 20 year old newly married receptionist at one of these parties (later, I learned she was ******* a black guy for dope). There was this one semi-ugly secretary but who had a fantastic *** who was married to a cop but ******* an undercover narc who drug me into an empty room and ****** me one time. An older married clerk did the same thing to me. She was 15 years older than me at the time but horny as hell and did have a big rack. There was a married court coordinator who I did not **** but who I knew was ******* a good friend of mine. Several of us were ******* a couple of the court reporters, both of whom were married. Another friend was ******* the boss's secretary regularly. She was married. I ****** at least four of the married women who served as jurors on cases I tried. Two other buddies of mine also regularly ****** the good looking women on his juries. When I presented cases to the Grand Jury for 6 months I ****** two of the women on the Grand Jury, both older, rich, respected white married women who were cheating on their husbands. I ****** five of the high school interns (Debbie, Dinah, Teresa, Brenda and Sheila) at these parties (one of them then proceeded to gang-bang several of the other Assistant DAs in the men's bath room) and I wasn't the only Assistant DA ******* them. We were all banging them in our offices, too, during the day. When I began defending cases I even ****** one of the state's witnesses - the alleged rape "victim" herself. In another rape case my investigator ****** the alleged "victim" before trial. The list is practically endless but you get the idea - almost every married white women I encountered whether as worker, witness, or whatever was ******* around on her husband. I even ****** some of the mothers (a damn good looking rich woman, too) on a youth team I was coaching. Incidentally, in almost every case I was not the aggressor - these married white women approached me, not vice versa.
4. There were three other disparate incidents (out of myriad other incidents I could relate) which show just how desperately horny white women, particularly white wives have become (and I do not mean this as criticism - I love slutty women)...
These go back in time because I haven't ****** any other woman since I married Suzi but I don't think things have changed much since... a) I ran into an old friend at a high school reunion who was now married and living out of town. she was attractive, with a good rack and very talented (art, music, dance) and smart (near the top of the class). i did not know her husband. 10 minutes into my conversation with her she told me guys told her she was good in bed and why didn't we go get a motel room for the night. needless to say we left immediately thereafter and she was pretty good in bed... b) I was at another party a friend from high school was having (he is now a Methodist preacher) and a good looking newly wed was there alone. Her husband had just left for basic camp only a few days prior to the party. I introduced myself and 10 minutes later we were on the green of a nearby gold course and I was ******* the **** out of her. A newly wed whose husband had only been gone for a few days! Even I thought that was a little much! c) going way back, I had just been released by the NY Jets and was doing some graduate work at my old college. Some high school students were visiting on a prospective tour and this one girl was really good looking (tall, slender, dark hair, fair skin, blue eyes, pretty smile...) so I offered to show her around. The tour began and ended 5 minutes later in my bed. She must have liked it; I learned Paula C did, in fact, enroll the following year. That same year I was doing graduate I came across a good looking freshman (Helena) with big, beautiful boobs. I took her home and she gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever have had. She said she became expert at it because she had been sucking her step-father's **** since she was a little girl. That blew me away. I moved her in and ****** her every day until the semester was over. Later, after Helena had gotten married she looked me up one day and we picked up where we had left off (her sucking me and me ******* her)...
5. In recent polling data I have seen more white women are cheating on their husbands even than husbands are cheating on their wives (this is a first). If I recall something like 60 % of white wives now admit to cheating on their husbands. If 60% admit to it, the gods only know how many of them are really cheating on their husbands. Probably closer to 75%!

So, I stand by my statement that white wives are more promiscuous than Asian wives and I do not think that is a bad thing. In fact, I would urge our Asian sisters to catch up to their more promiscuous western counterparts.
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I think you are correct tho the truth of what you say may be changing as more and more Asian women are open to black men, albeit nothing like the way white women are going black.

yeah, i agree. actually, i like promiscous wives, by that i mean wives that do other men, but i prefer that they don't do it behind their back. i want my wife to start doing guys but so far she just won't take that step

I have to agree with you on this.<br />
Asian wives can and have been hot wives but the percentage of them is clearly less.<br />
Most Asian wives are very loyal and would never engage in extramartial sex.<br />
My wife has many Asian friends who were in the past forced into prostitution at a young age ye once married they'd never ever consider cheating or being promiscuous. There are exceptions of course, but by and large you will find Asian wives to be studiously monogamous.<br />
<br />
Am sure the numbers you cite 60-75% of white wives cheat, I know white a few of them myself and while I have no data aside from personal anecdotal evidence, I'd guess less than 10% of Asian wives cheat and maybe not even that much.<br />
<br />
If a man did desire an Asian wive that leans that way he can find her, they are out there, and when you do find out - look out!<br />
<br />
For the exceptions - I love them ALL especially my promiscuous wife! She skews the percentages enough to make up for quite few Asian wives that don't.