She Came As We Talked About Her Past

My wife is beautiful. She’s now in her forties, but men still like to flirt with her.  A couple of years ago, I rented some **** videos, and after convincing her to watch, she got extremely excited.  Even before the video ended, we started making love.  We were kissing passionately, while I gently stroked her clitoris and felt her ***.  As our tongues played together, I told her to turn over.  She likes her *** to be touched, so I wanted to really get her excited.  

While she lay there with her legs spread a bit, I got some cream from my dresser and applied it to my finger.  As I lay alongside her, I lubricated the opening to her *** while putting my other hand under her stomach and playing with her clitoris.  Ever so slowly, I put pressure and gradually pushed my finger inside her anus as I asked her how it felt.  I love to talk dirty, and she loves it too, although she’ll tell me to be quiet.  

As she lay there in near ecstasy, I continued to tongue kiss her as I stroked her ****.  She reached back to feel my ****, stroking it in a very sensual way.  She was nearing an ******, so I knew the time was right to learn more about her past lover.  She had only been with one other man, as far as I know.  

In her hypnotic state, I said, “Does it feel like two dicks in you.”  “Yes” she answered.  I said, “Just think about me and Ed in you at the same time.”  Ed was her former lover in college.  She didn’t answer, but I could tell by her reaction she was thinking about it.  We had been engaged before college, and during our long time apart in different cities, I could only visit every few weeks.  Her college roommates encouraged her to meet new guys, and one of them set her up with Ed by arranging for him to take them to a bar.  When she was drunk, Ed took her back to the dorm, although they never made it.  

I whispered in her ear, “Does it feel like Ed in you right now.”  Again she didn’t answer but kind of moaned.  “Did Ed **** you like this?”  More moans.  “Was Art’s **** a lot bigger than mine?”  To my astonishment, she answered, “His was fatter.”  This was also a shock, but I was extremely excited and nearly came.  I continued, “Did you *** when Ed ****** you?”  She answered, “Yes” in a moan.  I think she realized this wasn’t something she wanted to tell me, but she was too excited to think at the time.  “Did you *** the first time you made love?”  No answer just a moan.  “Did he always make you come?”  She answered “Once in a while.”  “Tell me about the first time you made love.”  She continued to be close to a climax, so she was more open than normal about having this discussion.  

“We went to a motel room.  We undressed each other and made love.”  She wasn’t much for details.  I asked, “Did you immediately notice how thick his **** was?”  “Yes, but it doesn’t matter,” she said unconvincingly.  In fact, I noticed over the months that she always got much hotter when watching a **** where the guy has a big **** and shoots a big load.  One time we put on Rocco Siffredi in a hot scene with a young redhead, and she almost came the first minute I touched her.  She also loves Billy Glide and Peter North.  

“Did he ever eat you?”  “Once,” she answered.  “Did you *** when he ate you?”  “No.”  “Did you ever park with Art?”  “Yes.”  “Did you feel his **** in the car and did he undress you in the car?”  She answered, “Yes, we parked, but he was too big for us to have sex in his car.”  Ed was a large man.  “Did he *** a lot when you ******?” I asked.  She answered with a nod between tongue kisses.  

This line of questioning made her so hot, she came very hard on my hand.  I could feel her *** and ***** contracting with her ******.  Immediately upon finishing, she turned over and told me to put my **** in her.  I was so hot I ****** her for a minute and came with a big load.  

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That story got my **** soooooooo freaking hard! No wonder you blew a huge load. Have you done this type of thing again?