Hot Fantasies With My Girlfriend

I've gone from fantasy -> hotter fantasy at my girlfriend. At first, playing with her gorgeous *** (pics on my profile) would turn me on - she won't let me enter, but licking it, biting around, sticking my tongue inside gradually got allowed. To the point where, she'd start moaning when I'd do it and we'd talk about it openly.

Now I *looveee* thats she talks taboo dirty with me about it eg. 'Or maybe you'd rather stick your tongue in my ***..' and stuff like that. 69'ing her with her sucking on my **** and me licking, biting, eating, sucking out her *** and *****. No agenda in mind, just going crazy with each other.

Then, the thought of her past, of her ******* alllll these guys started getting me reallly turned on. She was resistant to sharing at first, but after a while she began opening up about it - and again, gradually, I got a description of allll her HOT past experiences in vivid detail. A couple of those experiences I've shared on EP. Imagining her getting pounded on a one night stand - HOTTTT!

The next level for me is actually sharing her with another guy. This is a scary level though.

On the one hand, the thought of watching that gorgeous *** getting pounded while she moans loudly (maybe with my **** in her mouth) gets me reallly ******* horny, but there's also the fear of consequences.

On the one hand, the thought of watching her allowing herself to get gradually seduced by someone at a random bar, watching them make out in front of me, watching his tongue down her through, watching him brush against her beautiful ****, watching him put his fingers around her wet thong and then gradually fingering her wet vagina while she moans softly turns me onnnn like you can't imagine. But on the other, the fear of losing her altogether scares me.

On the one hand, the thought of watching her pulls his pants off somewhere in the open, get down on her knees and start sucking him like the goddess that she is - get me reallly hard! But again, the fear that I'm biting of more than I can chew - that I'm creating a dangerous threat to our relationship scared me.

Those of you who've managed to transition from a very honest, loving, commited, monogamous relationship to a very, honest, loving, monogamous relationship with occasional sharing - how did you manage to make that transition? Was it difficult? What were the positives and the negatives?
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

It really wasn't difficult for us.We actually kept it in the discussion for over 8 years before we got serious about it,but even then it was due to odd circumstances that actually got the ball rolling. It takes a very secure man to go all the way without feeling any negativity towards himself or his wife.